OTP Procedure

Procedure for OTP Generation & Rules :

Cardholder has to register his mobile number with us. i.e. OTP can be generated using the mobile number registered with Bobcards (Same Mobile number Updated in Card profile) ONLY.

Cardholder has to send the message from the registered mobile to the numbers 5676798 or 09212738927 with the keyword "BOBC XXXX”; where XXXX is the last 4 digits of the card number For example if the last 4 digits of Card number are 3005 then the SMS has to look like "BOBC 3005” (without the double quotes & one space after BOBC) OTP will be provided to the mobile number and customer needs to input the OTP while using the Card for IVR. OTP generated once need to be used within 4 hours and can be used for one transaction only. If Customer need to do more than one transaction he may request for one OTP and use same and then request for OTP again to do other purchase.

For any further queries please call us @ 1800225110.

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