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Apply to accept Debit/Credit cards:

BOBCARDS is having a large base of merchant establishments accepting plastic money at their outlets. Currently, we have over 18000 merchants registered with us and about 14000 of them accepts the card electronically. If you are having a commercial establishments and want to accept the plastic money at your outlet, you too can be a part of Bobcards family. All you have to do is to contact us through any of the following method. After your request is received by us, you will be soon contacted by a representative of Bobcards.

Contact by Phone

You can contact on any of the phone numbers provided with the list of Bobcards branches on this web-site. Alternatively you may contact on the following numbers at our Corporate Office in Mumbai:

Contact by Phone

The Vice President,
Merchant Services
Ph. 022-42068661

Please make the following information available to our executives so that they can contact you for expediting the process of enrolling you as Bobcards merchant.

Name of Shop, Name of owner/proprietor, Address, Contact number, Best time to contact

Contact by Fax/Email

You can fax the following information to us so that we can contact you on earliest possible date.

Merchant's application to accept the card

Contact by Fax/Email
Name of Shop :
Name of Proprietor :
Nature of Request/Enquiry :
Nature of Business/Goods dealing-in:
Type of transaction: (Manual/Electronic)
Address :
Telephone No.:
Email Id :

Please Fax / Email the above information on the following number : 022-26777560

Apply online

You can also send online information to our Merchant services department. Executives of our Merchant Services will be contacting you soon to complete the formality to enroll you as Bobcards merchant.

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