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BOB Card Corporate PremiumBOB Card Corporate Premium(Visa)


Bobcard Corporate Premium Card offers you a proposition through which you can manage your business expenses efficiently. You can provide cashless experience of Bobcard Corporate Premium to your promoters/executives.

This credit card is affiliated with Visa International & valid throughout the world on over 70 million establishments & more than 1 million ATMs. It can only be applied by a corporate.

  • Acceptability : Global
  • ATM Compatibility
  • Cash withdrawal Limit : 30% of Credit Limit
  • Interest Rate (service charges): 2.6% p.m. (APR31.2%) on reducing balance
  • In built Free Personal Accidental Death Coverage *:
    • Air Accidental Death : Rupees 5, 00,000
    • Other Accidental Death (other than Air Accidental Death) : Rupees 1, 00,000
  • Loyalty points: 1 on purchase of Rupees 100
  • Host of inbuilt offers and privileges of Visa
  • CHIP security
  • Free Airport Lounge Access * T & C apply

* Applicable only on Primary Cards

  • Constitution : Limited/Government Companies/Partnership Firms
  • Paid-up Capital: Rupees 25 Lacs & above
  • Net worth of the Company: Rupees 50 Lacs & above
  • Credit Facility with Bank of Baroda : Rupees 1 Crore & above and rating more than BOB 6

Existing Banking relationship with Bank of Baroda (Preferred)

Particulars Fees & Charges
Acceptability Global
Chip Availability Chip & Non-Chip
Age 18-65
Add On Cards N/A
Photo Card Yes for Non-Chip
Income Eligibility Individual (I) / Corporate (C) Credit facility enjoyed with BOB min Rupees 5 crore--Rupees 25 Lacs paid up capital & min Networth ofRupees 50Lacs (C)
Merbership/Joining Fees Rupees 2000/- per card
Free for Lifetime(Subject to regular payment of minimum dues and minimum transaction volume per year as per given details) NA
Annual Fees
Principal Rupees 2000/-
Add-on N/A
Revolving Credit Limit # 1% of limits enjoyed with BOB or max upto Rupees 45 Lacs to a company (whichever is lower)
Cash withdrawal Limit 30% of Credit Limit
Bonus Points on Purchase of Rupees 100 (Except for cash/Petrol Txns) 1
Accidental Insurance
Air Accident Rupees 5,00,000/-
Other Accident Rupees 1,00,000/-
Service charges on balance outstanding 2.60% p.m.
Cash withdrawal Charges
ATMs (Domestic) Rupees 200 (3%)
ATMs (Abroad) Rupees 250 (3.5%)
Billing Date 1st of (Month)
Late Payment charges
Up to Rs.500--
501 to 25,000-
Above 25001 -
Rupees 300/-
Rupees 500/-
Chq.Return Charges (w.r.t. chq amount) 2% or min Rupees 300/- whichever is higher
De-blocking Charges* Rupees 300/-
Sub-limits No
  • # Limit under standard conditions otherwise flexible
  • ### Joining fee waived up to 30/09/2014
  • * Card gets blocked in case of non payment of minimum dues for two consecutive months
  • ** Card against FD
  • **Taxes as applicable on Fees & Charges.
  • Board resolution / undertaking letter
  • Memorandum of article & association / Partnership Deed
  • PAN card of company
  • Last 3 years audited Balance sheet and P&L A/c copy
  • IT return of company
  • Photograph of applicants

(Issuance only in BOBCARDS serviceable areas as per the network of area offices)

All documents to be verified from nearest Bobcards Area Office / Bank of Baroda Branch

In case of account holders of Bank of Baroda, submission of the application through the concerned branch of Bank of Baroda is recommended for expeditious processing of application

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